Choose DirecTV as Part of Your Audio Visual Installation

DirecTV is the satellite television provider of choice in more than 50 million American homes, businesses and churches. DirecTV delivers the programming you want, whether you’re looking for more:

  • Local, national and international sports programming
  • Music channels
  • The latest movies
  • Television programming for the whole family

DirecTV for Your Home Cinema

You’ve got your heart set on that giant plasma or LCD screen in your new home cinema — but you know you don’t want to stare at a blank screen. What to do? Which satellite TV provider to choose?

When you select DirecTV for your new home cinema system, you’ll have access to the best movies, music, sports and family TV programming available, including:

  • free premium movie channels
  • sports channels you won’t find anywhere else
  • close to 300 channels
  • free HD
  • free DVRs, including HD DVRs

The neat, clean satellite dishes used with DirecTV service are only 18 inches across and are designed to fit in nearly any space. When you call JDPro for your DirecTV installation, we’ll recommend the best location for your satellite dish for a clean-line-of-sight to the sky for crystal clear reception in any weather. We also offer pole-mounting of your DirecTV satellite dish, if necessary.
Ready to get all the best sports, movies, and family television programming to go with your new home theatre systems? Contact JDPro today [link to contact page] to learn more about DirecTV installation in your home cinema.

DirecTV for Your Commercial Applications

DirecTV is the only satellite TV provider that offers business owners access to more than 160 channels, with over 75 channels in HD.

JDPro can install DirecTV in:

  • Corporate headquarters and conference rooms
  • Professional offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Centers of worship

Contact us to find out more about making DirecTV part of the audio visual installation package in your commercial space.

JD Pro: Authorized DirecTV and Audio Visual Installers You Can Trust

When you choose DirecTV for your satellite television needs, you need installers you can trust. That’s where JD Pro comes in. We are licensed, insured and authorized to perform DirecTV installations, and have been performing DirecTV installations for more than 10 years. We offer friendly, personalized service for all your audio visual needs.

We’ll install your DirecTV system as part of your audio visual installation on one screen or dozens. Contact us today for a free estimate of your audio visual system installation, including DirecTV.